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This dish is typical Japanese food. This is good to serve when you have guests. Very fancy!! You can make Tempura Donburi (Tempura on rice with little sauce) with plenty leftover. You can enjoy twice!!


Ingredients: ( 4 serves)

 8 large shrimp

 4 long green peppers

 2 eggplant

 200g sweat potato


  1 egg and enough iced water to make 1 cup                    

  1 cup flower, sifted  

 A little oil or mayonnaise

Dipping sauce for tempura ( Tentsuyu)

  1 cup water

1/2 teaspoon dashinomoto

  1/4 cup soy sauce

  1/4 cup sweat sake ( Mirin)


  1/2 cup grated radish (Daikon Oroshi)

  (1 tablespoon grated ginger)





1.  Insert toothpick under black vein of shrimps and remove. Remove shells from the shrimps leaving the tail and last segment next to the tail. Cut off the tips of the tail and squeeze out the water. Score the underside in three or four places. (Prevent from curling up shrimp) Cutting

2.     Cut the eggplant lengthwise into 3 ~4 cm and cut into quarter. Make shallow cuts on the surface. Put the eggplant in water with a pinch of salt. Put a small lid on the eggplant.

3.     Cut sweet potato into 4 ~5 mm thick round.

4.     Remove stems from Shiitake mushrooms and make a crosswise incision on the tops.

5.     Make shallow cut on the bottom side of long green paper. If you don’t cut it, long green paper will explode when you deep fry it.

6.     Make batter. 

Beat egg lightly and add iced water. Sift flour then add egg mixture to it. Mix lightly, leaving lumps. (If you put little oil or mayonnaise in the batter, it will be crispy when you deep fry Tempura) 

7.     Deep-fry

Fill a deep pan 2/3 full of vegetable oil. Heat to 180℃( 360°F). Test the temperature by dropping a small amount of batter into the hot oil. At the correct temperature, it will drop half way down and come back up to the surface. Holding the shrimp by the tail, dip them into the batter, and the slide them into the oil from the edge of the pan towards the center of the pan. Using chopsticks flip it sometimes and deep fry until crisp. Remove from oil and drain on kitchen paper or cooking net.    Deep fry

8.      Using chopsticks, do the same with vegetables.

9.     Dipping sauce (Tentsuyu)

Put ingredients for the dipping sauce into a pan and boil it.

Wash radish (Daikon) and grate it.

10. Place the cooked foods on white paper on a plate, garnish with grated radish. (gated ginger if you want)



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